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Agenda 21/30 the United Nation Directive for the future of the Planet. How they will control the planet with one World Unelected Government. Most of the member countries of the UN have signed up for Agenda 21, 30 and 50

A major World event is needed to frighten the population into allowing the one World Party to take over and make right a problem that just does not exist. Enter, Manmade Global Warming or Climate Emergency. The ‘Emergency’ covers all outcomes. The climate will change and become colder which should have been the solution for the world government. But as the agenda is a little behind it will now take place in 2030. Hence the change of name from Warming to Emergency.

Co2 is the culprit for this manmade global warming/ emergence. The thing is the Science shows Co2 follows world temperatures and is always below temperature. If Co2 was the driver of warming it would to on top of temperature Please watch the videos below



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